Custom Our Last Night – LollipopsAndGumdrops

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Custom Our Last Night - LollipopsAndGumdrops

Custom Our Last Night – LollipopsAndGumdrops

I was thinking of something along the lines of girlfriend experience. What I had in mind was to have you in a nice evening dress, something that you would wear on a special night out with your partner, and we’ve come back from our last date together before the baby is due. It’s also our last night to be intimate with each other before the baby is due so we’d like to make our evening together memorable. From there, I’d like to have your strip tease out of the dress revealing some lingerie you had underneath and have you continue to tease me. After that, to make you orgasm, I’d like you to do it in whichever way you find most pleasurable. I’d like you to say something along these lines. “Thank you for the night out. We won’t have too many more of these when the baby comes.” “I’m glad I was able to get all dressed up for you. Do you like what I’m wearing?” “You’ve made me feel so loved, beautiful and sexy during my pregnancy.” “Before our night is over, I want to cum for you.” Lastly, I’d like you to say my name in the video, David. I am 33 weeks pregnant in this video.

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