Auntie’s Accidental Pregnancy – MoRina

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Auntie's Accidental Pregnancy - MoRina

Auntie’s Accidental Pregnancy – MoRina

I asked you to come over to help me light the pilot on my water heater. My sweet nephew, it’s been a few months since we talked because things have been awkward since that night we abandoned our inhibitions… While you’re in the basement, my doctor calls and tells me I’m pregnant! Still shocked, you reappear in my kitchen while I still haven’t fully processed the news! I inform you that there is no doubt it is yours, and as I am talking I see your erection growing. So instead of being freaked out, you’re clearly turned on! There’s nothing holding us back now… I’m so turned on by being bred by you and lead you over to my couch so we can celebrate with orgasms! I want you to continue breeding me!

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