Belly Captive – Sophia Sylvan

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Belly Captive - Sophia Sylvan

Belly Captive – Sophia Sylvan

I’m stretching before exercising and wearing a tight crop top with figure-hugging yoga pants. I stretch every which way, unwittingly showing off my waist, hard nipples and big butt with every movement to the lurker watching from inside my house. I have a little hole in the crotch of these yoga pants, but that doesn’t matter, I’m only doing a home workout. I scream as the intruder (not visible) approaches and startles me. The camera cuts to me with my arms tied in leather cuffs suspended over the bed, the hole in my pants ripped wide to reveal my pussy. Also, there are two tubes inserted in my ass and the sound of inflation has commenced. I call out and scream for help, and the intruder is no where to be seen. He left me like this! What is going on? I don’t feel anything at first, and I struggle to get free, to no avail. Soon though, I start to feel the air fill up my insides and I start to panic, thrashing around. I try to stay calm, figuring he will return soon enough and let me free. But the inflation keeps going on mercilessly to the point of pain, and my belly starts to stretch the crop top and yoga pants so it looks like it’s bursting out of them. I try helplessly to pull my hands free from the leather cuffs. I cry for help, but no one comes. I feel like I’m going to pop! Finally in the nick of time I pull myself free and pull those infernal tubes out of my ass. What torment! My belly is huge, like I’m several months pregnant. I’m horrified, but fascinated with what’s happened to my body. I can’t help but feel how hard and round it is, like an inflated balloon. I pat it gently and look at myself in the mirror. Breaking the spell, I decide to explore my house and see if the intruder is still around, and call the cops. I am so big now I have to waddle as I look around for him, walking by the camera with my enormous belly.

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