Blackmailing Pregnant Sister – Brianna_XO

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Blackmailing Pregnant Sister - Brianna_XO

Blackmailing Pregnant Sister – Brianna_XO

You are spying on your sister through a peek hole in the bedroom door, and can see that she is… pregnant? As she covers herself in oil moisturising her body, you are shocked to see her stomach is large & round, you snap a few videos, you will use this opportunity to your advantage! You taunt her that you know her little secret and show her the footage, she shushes you and whisks you to the bedroom where you can talk in private! Nobody know’s she is 22 weeks pregnant, she has been hiding it, they just think she is getting fat. She tells you not to tell anyone, she will be in so much trouble if they found out she is knocked up! But you have other ideas – you won’t tell anyone, and will even help her keep it hidden, if she has sex with you! She is grossed out but she has no other option but to comply! At least you won’t be able to knock her up when you explode in her pussy raw!

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