Body Swap – Extremely Pregnant – TripleDBabe

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Body Swap - Extremely Pregnant - TripleDBabe

Body Swap – Extremely Pregnant – TripleDBabe

A male personal fitness trainer has suddenly found himself trapped in a pregnant woman’s body. He tries to continue his gym workout in the pregnant body but discovers it is extremely uncomfortable and he is unable to workout properly. Suddenly, the urge to pee comes on and he has to try and use the washroom with his new female parts, very upset about where his dick has gone! After trying everything he can to switch his body back, curiosity strikes and he wonders what a woman’s orgasm would feel like. He starts to masturbate but during the masturbation – goes into labour! The panic sets in as he feels the need to push and contractions getting more and more intense!

Size: 1 GiB Duration: 20 min Resolution: 1280×720 Format video: MP4

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