Bra Modeling and Boucing – Jessie Minx

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Bra Modeling and Boucing - Jessie Minx

Bra Modeling and Boucing – Jessie Minx

I’d really like if you could film how large/heavy/long your breasts are. I really enjoy seeing round and jiggly they are, as well as how far they protrude from your body. To demonstrate this, please start the first third or so of the video in some kind of bikini/lingerie, and perform poses/turns like the model at the beginning of this vid (provided example). Lightly caress your breasts around their circumference and such while your bra is still on. Poses that accentuate your breasts sticking out drive me insane. For the remaining video, please strip fully nude and perform various poses/turns like before. Some various things I’d like to see you do in this portion: Jump around/jiggle so your breasts lift off of your body (at various angles). Let them hang and gently brush/caress the top/sides of them (around your nipples and areola). Lift them up so they stick out further, show side to side how far, and drop them. Make them clap. Try not to cover your areola in general; I really enjoy seeing how large they are. I also enjoy seeing more of you, instead of less, so close ups are generally not as desirable

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