Custom Belly Expansion Fantasy – Ai_Chan

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Custom Belly Expansion Fantasy - Ai_Chan

Custom Belly Expansion Fantasy – Ai_Chan

Your 18 year old stepsister is worried she might be pregnant after you had sex with her last night. She doesn’t really know what pregnancy is and she tells you that her belly feels strange and achey and that she’s looked it up. She tells you the pictures of the ladies with big bellies turns her on and she hopes that she gets a big belly too. Her belly feels so strange and she notices its starting to expand and get bigger! She moans as its turning her on and she’s confused. You watch as her belly gets bigger and her jeans and shirt start to pop open. You can see it expanding before your eyes! Its turning her on and she tells you. She notices that its turning you on too and she says she wants you to rub your dick on her belly as it gets bigger. She wants you to fuck her belly. She has a belly orgasm as you cum all over it and she starts rubbing it in. Her belly hasn’t stopped growing it looks as if your cum is making it grow again! She wants you to fuck it faster as it grows faster and bigger out of control! She means loudly as you can see it expanding and expanding as you fuck her belly. You cum all over her again and she rubs at it. It won’t stop growing!

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