DaddysGirl pregnant milky orgasmic labor – RosemarieLoves

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DaddysGirl pregnant milky orgasmic labor - RosemarieLoves

DaddysGirl pregnant milky orgasmic labor – RosemarieLoves

Daughter daddy taboo pregnant lactating milky labor and orgasmic birth. SD Im nesting and super pregnant. Ughhh my stomach hurts just a little. I didnt know being pregnantwould hurt this much. Why did daddy have to cum inside me when we fuck. this is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. But all for daddy…. *yells for daddy .. Moans and groans**** Why does it hurt sooo much…. My big swollen belly… maybe it just needs some space let me uncover it. BIG and round. AHHHH ohhh… I think my water just broke. I soak in wet. Daddy I need help. *moans and groans continue. You have to help me dad this is yours too… I dont know what Im doing. You want me to take off my short… Yeah that will help… Why does being pregnant hurt soo bad daddy. How do we get the pain to stop. tell me what to do daddy… Deep breaths… You want my boobs???? You want me to pinch my nipples??? Yeah I remember the doctor did tell me that sexual stimulation helps distract the pain. Daddy your beautiful pregnant daughter is going through labor *touching pinching squeezing my nipples eases the pain making the contraction feel better… squirting milk out my heavy pregnant nipples feels sooo god but only for a little. *nice spays and milk shown. I start to touch my pussy and make daddy touch it to while Im covered in my own breast milk. It feels soo good and makes the pain go in and out with every contraction. We’ve never been sooo close daddy, I touch myself on my final push and cum as daddy is playing with my nipples.

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