Don’t Move – Tammie Madison

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Don't Move - Tammie Madison

Don’t Move – Tammie Madison

Be quiet and do not move, honey. I think I hear something. I have had a suspicion for a while now that someone has been coming into our house and eating our food. Surely you have noticed how quickly all of our groceries are disappearing. Whatever or whoever it is that has been eating all our food is definitely in the house now. And I am sure they are wanting to eat something now. Okay, you got me. It was me. I ate all the food. But, there really was someone here. He was up to no good, so I ate him too. Can’t you tell that I am much bigger than normal? I was serious when I said not to move though. Something about men moving makes my appetite spike to where I cannot stop myself from feeding. If you do not stay still then I will have no choice but to satiate my hunger.

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