Electra’s Purrfect Plan – Seductive Studios

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Electra's Purrfect Plan - Seductive Studios

Electra’s Purrfect Plan – Seductive Studios

We begin with Wonder Woman one of the last remaining superheroines who has not been eaten by the evil Electra arriving at a secret lair that we then find out belongs to cat woman as she tries to attack wonder woman but wonder woman stops her and tells her she is here to talk not fight and wants cat woman to listen to her so reluctantly Cat woman decides to listen. Wonder woman explains to her about what has been going on with her fellow superheroines going missing having tangle with villainess Electra. Wonder Woman tells cat woman they need to put there or mainly her cat woman’s differences with superheroines aside and work with wonder Woman to stop Electra. Takes some convincing but Cat woman finally agrees to help Wonder Woman stop Electra so they then head off to find and stop Evil Electra once and for all together. They arrive at Electra’s location and spot her standing almost waiting perhaps she knew they be coming. Electra is surprised to see Wonder woman working with Cat woman knowing they are not friends but Wonder Woman insists they have put their differences aside to stop her. Wonder woman says that Electra will finally be stopped but Electra simply laughs. Then all three begin to fight but even though two on one Electra is even more powerful from eating all the other superheroines she takes down both Wonder woman and Cat woman. Electra then laughs and goes on to explain as they are down to them what happen to their fellow superheroines how she ate them and absorb their powers and now they rest inside her belly. Now with both of them down struggling Electra would right about now start to eat them both one at a time but when she did that last time with green hornet and justice girl it actually took a lot out of her to do that so she is going to do things differently and have some fun. Electra moves towards Cat woman struggling as Wonder Woman watches on but Electra doesn’t eat her but simply she puts her hand on Cat woman’s forehead and it does something to her and we see Cat woman’s expression change. Cat woman then stands up and she moves towards Wonder Woman showing no emotion what so ever. Wonder Woman still hurting on the floor asks what’s going on and then Electra tells her that having eaten and absorb so many superheroines she has unlimited power. She tells Wonder Woman Cat Woman is under her control now but also one more key thing her power to eat people she just gave that to Cat Woman and she is the one who will eat Wonder Woman and with that will then see Cat woman open her mouth real wide just like Electra as Wonder Woman screams and then Cat woman begins to eat Wonder Woman starting with her feet and she continues on as Wonder Woman struggles in pain trying to get her to stop as Electra simply laughs and watches on and finally one last shot of Wonder Woman’s face and then it disappears and we hear Cat Woman gulp. We then see Cat Woman licking her lips like a cat and we see she has a pregnant like belly just like Electra always has. Electra Laughs and then begins to rub Cat woman’s belly talking to Wonder Woman and we can hear Wonder Woman’s faint voice inside Cat Woman’s belly as Cat Woman herself remains emotionless unaware of what has happened but that changes as Electra decides to let her know what she just did and with that Electra places her hand on Cat Woman’s forehead and we see her expression change back to normal. Cat Woman looks confussed as to what has happened and then she notices her big expanded pregnant like belly and looks shocked as Electra laughs and she tells Cat woman that the reason her belly is big is because she ate Wonder Woman. Cat Woman is stunned and she can hear Wonder Woman’s cries coming from her stomach and as she tries to get her wits together to what has happened Electra decides its time for the fun to end and have herself a meal and with that Electra opens her mouth real wide like she always does and she grabs a still confused Cat Woman and eats her head first and continues on till we see one last shot of Cat Woman’s feet and then they disappear and we hear Electra gulp. We then see Electra sitting down with a really big pregnant like belly the same size belly she had when she ate Green hornet and Justice girl but at least this time she didn’t have to eat them both one by one so even though she has the same size belly its not as bad as last time. Electra simply rubs her huge belly as we hear Cat Woman and even Wonder Woman’ s cries from inside it and that’s where we leave things at.

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