Freshly Showered Lotion Down And Play – JazgeariaSmith

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Freshly Showered Lotion Down And Play - JazgeariaSmith

Freshly Showered Lotion Down And Play – JazgeariaSmith

I just finished up with a nice long hot shower at 7 months pregnant. I decide to lotion down my pregnant belly; swaying my hips and rubbing the lotion all over my body. A nice little show off. Then I start to see if my milk is coming in and squeeze my nipples milking myself. I wonder what it taste like? Is it sweet? Oh it is, so I begin sucking on my own nipples tasting myself. I continue playing with and rubbing my boobs enjoying my body and showing off. I slowly start to back up towards my ottoman/seat then realize I want the camera closer for a good view. I quickly adjust the camera closer the return to the ottoman. I slowly begin to spread my legs showing my mommy bush but clean around my lips to see the pink of my pussy. I lean back slightly to put my legs on the walls around me but still having my face, boobs, and pregnant belly in view. I show off my dildo then begin sucking it off to get it nice and wet. My pussy is so very tight I have to slowly work it into me. Twisting it around going faster and deeper with each thrust, you can see the pleasure on my face as I enjoy every moment. You can see my thick white cream seeping out around my dildo as I continue to go faster, deeper, bouncing with excitement as I orgasm. I slow it down a bit enjoying each thrust until I fully finish my orgasm. I remove my dildo and spread my pussy open wide showing my pink pussy cream still running down me. You can see my pussy pulsating from freshly cumming so hard. I take my finger and run it up the line of the cream below my pussy lean forward to you lick the cream off my finger and rub it all over my tongue savoring the taste. I lean back rubbing my tummy and boobs enjoying the pure ecstasy I’m feeling from my orgasm. I give you a cute little wave goodbye and blow you a kiss before getting up to turn off the camera.

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