I am still Ms Lee – KobeLee

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I am still Ms Lee - KobeLee

I am still Ms Lee – KobeLee

The movie starts and you’re still her sons friend trapped in her body. You’re just returning from prenatal yoga. Almost a month has passed and you’re tired of being a pregnant woman and you really don’t want to give birth. You do like attention other women give you all the time though. You call Ms. Lee and explain you’re ready to switch back and she agrees. You both chant “One, two, three, I am no longer Ms. Lee.” but nothing happens. You appear to be stuck in each other bodies. She says she is going to call you back when she figures something out and you hang up the phone. Suddenly, you’re struck by labor pains. You take off your suit and pantyhose and get on your knees. Your belly is on display. You curse being a women. You lie on the bed and the classic labor pose. You realize you need to get to the hospital and struggle to put something on to wear to the hospital. In the end you’re in so much pain you’re not sure how you’re going to be able to leave your room.

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