I Woke Up Like This – Queen_Vanity

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I Woke Up Like This - Queen_Vanity

I Woke Up Like This – Queen_Vanity

Last night was girls night out! I had such a blast but this morning when I woke up… I woke up to a huge surprise! I am pregnant! Not just pregnant but really pregnant! How did this even happen? I woke up like I normally do but when I go to change my clothes I find my belly is huge and swollen! Not sure if it was caused from too much or what… so I call my bestie Sasha and she tells me how I hooked up with a really hot black guy at the club !! But is it possible to be impregnated AND showing all overnight? OMG! My jeans that I just wore last week are now way too small on me, there’s no way that they will button, I can’t even suck in my stomach. My crop top is more like a sports bra now. So I take a pregnancy test and the results are that Im pregnant! So I take some selfies and send them to Sasha because she thinks I’m crazy or something and soon as she sees them she knows I’m pregnant too! Was this hot black guy some super human that could make me grow like this so fast? I mean look at this belly! My belly button is almost popping out overnight, my jeans don’t fit but I must admit… the belly is really cute though.

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