Mr’s Surpirse Labour – Danielle Maye

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Mr's Surpirse Labour - Danielle Maye

Mr’s Surpirse Labour – Danielle Maye

You were a man when you went to rest. When you wake you are surprised to find yourself in the body of a pregnant woman who looks familiar. You realize that you are now in the body of a woman that you had a one night stand with eight months ago when you cheated on your girlfriend. You freak out, especially when you realize you have a vagina! You desperately have to pee, so you try to pee like a man, but realize you can’t so you have to sit. You do a couple power poses and are saddened that the muscles and the six pack abs are gone. You wonder what your girlfriend and the guys at the gym will think of the new you. The guys will think you are hot, especially Jeff because you know he has that pregnancy fetish. You look for a dress you know your girlfriend left at your house. Use the red, shiny one as the dress. She didn’t leave any underwear or a bra, so you struggle with putting on some pantyhose to help cover your private parts. You get the dress on as best as you can, but before you can leave, you are struck with severe labor pains. If possible, could you replicate your water breaking like in your pregnant labor date video. Try to walk it off, but you realize it’s not going to stop. So you take off the clothes to make yourself more comfortable. Suddenly, you are in full panic mode as the pain and pressure increase. You really need to push! Push a few times toward the camera and then turn slightly away when you feel the baby’s head crowning because that is kind of hard to fake. End the video as you finally realize that the baby is coming out now.

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