Mystery Fuck Was My Brother! – Sydney Harwin

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Mystery Fuck Was My Brother! - Sydney Harwin

Mystery Fuck Was My Brother! – Sydney Harwin

I can’t believe I still haven’t found out who the guy in the costume was from that party! We fucked all night and he was so big and he touched me everywhere… He fucked me without a condom and I have no idea who he was! I’m sorry… I shouldn’t be offloading this onto you… Your my brother, you don’t wanna know all this, do you? I guess I’ll never know who fucked me and got me pregnant that night… Perhaps he doesn’t want to know me now? Why hasn’t he come forward yet?… Wait… What? You have a surprise for me? I’ll just close my eyes, shall I?… I’m waiting… This is exciting!… Can I open my eyes now? Okay… What the… How… Are you taking the piss outta me? Where the fuck did you get that costume from?! Wait… It was you? I fucked my own brother that night? What?! Why didn’t you say something sooner? Your the father of my baby? But we are siblings! How could this happen… Fuck… I thought it felt like I knew you already… You really know how to please me don’t you… I’m angry that you kept it to yourself for this long, because we could have been fucking for months… We’ve got some serious catching up to do! Now take down your zip and stick it in…

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