Nude Girls Pregnant Senja – AbbyWinters

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Nude Girls Pregnant Senja - AbbyWinters

Nude Girls Pregnant Senja – AbbyWinters

Senja has some exciting news, and she reveals what it is by slipping her green dress over her head: she’s pregnant! She lovingly caresses her big belly in her lingerie, then tugs down her bra to uncover her breasts. Since her last shoot, they’ve grown several cup sizes, and her nipples have gotten much darker. After pulling down her panties, she stands in the nude, her fair skin glowing as she steps on a scale to check how her pregnancy is progressing.

Senja reclines on the couch and grabs her ankles, spreading her legs to show off her shaved pussy. Then she gets on the floor on her hands and knees, her golden blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, as she raises her firm bum in the air. Carefully pinching her nipple, she squeezes breast milk onto her fingertips, then relaxes naked to write in her diary.

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