Pregnant Gender Swap 3 – Grace Squirts

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Pregnant Gender Swap 3 - Grace Squirts

Pregnant Gender Swap 3 – Grace Squirts

I am an 18-year old guy who has been dreaming of being in Mrs. Grace’s pregnant body – she’s the teacher we all fantasize about. I get my wish and wake up in her body. I am so excited I invite you over to come play with our favorite teacher’s body. There’s a bit of awkwardness but overall we have so much fun playing in her body. We play with her boobs and discover milk squirting out of them, so I try to squirt as much as I can into your mouth. We play with her ass and pussy. You tell me that you’ve always fantasized about Mrs. Grace giving you a blowjob. I give you a blowjob and you cum in my mouth. We play a lot with her huge pregnant belly and I become obsessed with trying to suck it in and out. I get curious about what it feels like to orgasm as a woman, so masturbate while you watch. I also get you to lick and eat my pussy. I cum and squirt all over. It was so awesome I wan to cum again. Then I suddenly get hit with contractions and an urge to push. I’m in Mrs. Grace’s body while in labor! I try pushing with my ass to you, then flip around and push on my back with legs up.

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