Pregnant Pantyhose Custom – JickyJ

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Pregnant Pantyhose Custom - JickyJ

Pregnant Pantyhose Custom – JickyJ

Would you make a video just like the latest pantyhose strutting vid you made but this time in open toe heels? Also just before the start of the video where you begin to put on your pantyhose and high heels can you chug as much soda as you can to get the baby active? I want to you to do essentially the same as the pantyhose video you did and strut back and forth in heels with your hands on your lower back /side like you have a heavy baby. and also play with the waist high pantyhose pulling them up over your belly and back down. Also I loved the sound of your thighs rubbing too would like to see it again. One more thing that I’d love to see is you bending over with your butt facing the camera and then touch your toes. Revealing the nylon covered baby bump in between your thighs that you spread as you look back at the camera. Sensually slide your hands up and down your sexy pantyhose covered legs like your willing and ready for daddy. If your good with the request i hope the baby kicks you as you waddle and strut around in the sexy heels and pantyhose.I’m not a heels girl. So, F and I agreed on flip flops. Also, I accidentally tear my pantyhose with my ass girth

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