Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help – Part 2 – Molly Darling

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Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help - Part 2 - Molly Darling

Pregnant Sister Needs Your Help – Part 2 – Molly Darling

It’s been over 6 weeks since your first encounter with your pregnant little sister. You and her combined have been doing a good job of keeping her pregnancy a secret from your parents. You go upstairs when you catch your little sis peeking through the door to get your attention. She needs your help again! Mom’s gotten her a cute outfit to wear… which obviously no longer fits her. The skirt wont button up and the vest top wont go over her small but bulging pregnant bump. It’s gotten quite a lot bigger since last time. You come up with a plan to make sure she doesn’t have to wear the clothes and Mom won’t suspect her. She’s so grateful for the help again… and she hasn’t forgotten your agreement. She takes off her ill fitting clothes and models her growing bump for you. Isn’t it cute? Her tits have gotten bigger too. Now she’s in the second trimester she’s finding that her hormones are crazy and she’s so horny all the time. She wants her big brothers cock inside of her pregnant pussy again. Seeing her naked and how much her pregnant belly has grown makes you rock hard and you can’t wait to fuck her again. She climbs on top of you and rides your cock so you can admire her bouncing belly and huge tits. It’s so fucked up that you’re having sex with your pregnant little sister, but it’s so horny, it’s almost addictive. Your parents could walk in at any time and see you balls deep in her pregnant pussy… but it makes it even naughtier. She loves it too. She wants you to fuck her in all stages of her pregnancy… maybe you could also be the one to put her into labour when the time comes. Imagine having your cock inside of her whilst she starts having contractions. She encourages you to put your hands on her pregnant belly whilst you push your cock in and out of her. The bigger her belly gets, the more horny you are… she can’t wait to grow some more. She begs for your seed deep inside of her pregnant pussy and you shoot a huge load inside of her whilst she simultaneously cums all over your cock. You both can’t wait for next time.

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