Shaggy Breeds Mommy – Cupacakeus

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Shaggy Breeds Mommy - Cupacakeus

Shaggy Breeds Mommy – Cupacakeus

Shaggy’s Stepmom is almost due so Shaggy decides to take his Stepmom for himself and makes a list of rules for his Stepmom. When Shaggy gets home he immediately strips off and walks up to see his Stepmom doing chores with a collar and leash on, nipple clamps attached, whilst also wearing a skimpy outfit. Shaggy can’t help himself and just comes up and shoves his cock deep in his Stepmoms pussy and fucks her on the counter over the sink in doggystyle and hands her a list as he fucks her instructing her to read the list. It’s called Stepmoms Breeding Rules!

  1. Stepmom belongs to Shaggy.
  2. Stepmoms wombpussy belongs to Shaggy’s Cock and Seed.
  3. Stepmom is Shaggy’s pregnant pet cumdump slave and breeding whore.
  4. Stepmom will be Shaggy’s cumdump alarm clock for work, Mon through to Friday.
  5. Stepmom will tell husband everything, how she belongs to Shaggy and how she will only give birth to his seed and how much she loves his cock and cum.
  6. Stepmom will divorce her husband and forever to be Shaggy’s pregnant pet Stepmom slut.

At first Stepmom resists a little but can’t deny Shaggy’s cock and his seed swelling inside her womb ready to burst and to submit to his rules. Stepmom then proceeds to be fucked throughout the family home while being led on collar and leash, all the while moaning in submission to her Stepsons cock and seed.

Stepmom is then instructed to call her husband and tell him that their Stepson is recording all of this to give to him as a farewell gift, including everything that’s currently happening. Stepmom then says a final goodbye to her husband as Shaggy creampies his Stepmom and sticks his cock in her mouth for cleanup.

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