Switching Bodies With My Boyfriend – HelloAmber

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Switching Bodies With My Boyfriend - HelloAmber

Switching Bodies With My Boyfriend – HelloAmber

I find an app on my phone that says you can trade bodies with anyone you want. I don’t believe it’s true, but I call my boyfriend and decide to give it a try. I select the 10 minute transfer option and activate the app. My boyfriend suddenly finds himself in my pregnant body.

I explain to him over the phone what has happened. At first he’s upset with me, but he finds himself rubbing my vagina. He hangs up so he can fully enjoy the time he has left in my body. He strips down to masterbate.

After cumming as a woman and really enjoying it, he watches the clock tick down on the phone and waits for the transfer. His girlfriend deserves to know he got off in her body. Finally the 10 minutes is up and nothing happens. Fuck, he’s still in her body. He looks on the phone for the app. He can’t find it. ! Is he going to be a woman forever? He calls her up. She has decided not to switch back. She’s tired of being pregnant and decided to let him give birth. She deleted the app remotely. My boyfriend is stuck! Your buddies at the gym are going to make fun of you when they find out that you are a pregnant girl now growing bigger and bigger. Can you even work out like this? How embarrassing.

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