The Impregnation Of Batgirl – Cali Logan

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The Impregnation Of Batgirl – Cali Logan

The Impregnation Of Batgirl – Cali Logan

Cali Gordon is reading the paper when she sees an article that describes a terrible scene. Someone has blown up a local hospital! And who does she see in the background of the photo showing the smoldering building? The Joker?! Looks like its time for Batgirl!

When she arrives to Joker’s lair, she is greeted with a blast of tired spray. Upon waking up bound in a standing spread eagle, Batgirl quickly realizes things are going from bad to worse as the Joker injects her pussy with a giant needle.

The next thing she knows, she is in a cage… 9 months pregnant! How can this be?

Harley Quinn Can explain! The Joker has impregnated Batgirl with his rapid sperm experiment and now HQ is standing by to help her with delivering the baby.The Joker’s ditsy side-kick tries to help by BG to eat and drink water, but she accidentally ends up electrocuting her.

While she is out, Harley Quinn strips Batgirl out of her uniform and preps her for labor. When Batgirl once again wakes up, she is horrified to find out that she is giving birth to the of her arch nemesis.

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