The Table Top Labour/Birth – Brianna_XO

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The Table Top Labour Birth – Brianna_XO

The Table Top Labour/Birth – Brianna_XO

Im pregnant, and im having my gifting shower kinda close to my due date, and I start feeling some kicks from the little one getting more and more aggressive. I am in pain and before I know it my water has broke, spilling all over the floor. I do some squats and climb up on the table with my feet up, panicking about going into labour in front of everyone at the party. But I can’t think about that now, i have contractions and have to keep breathing, I struggle to get my shorts off, but I eventualy manage to squeeze out of them as I push. I sit squatting on the table and push some more, finally the head is crowning, I squeeze and push my hardest to give birth with my soles and feet in the air.

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