Trevor – Impregnation Fantasy JOI – Jenni_Knight_24

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Trevor - Impregnation Fantasy JOI - Jenni_Knight_24

Trevor – Impregnation Fantasy JOI – Jenni_Knight_24

The story outfit: Something with small with a lot of cleavage That can barely hold your tits, and a thong or similar for the bottoms. Bright colored eyeshadow and lipstick Scenario: Use the name Trevor throughout the video. Dirty talk should focus on your huge udders, your big belly, being pregnant, my big white cock, You are pregnant again with my 2nd kiddd. (make your belly look as big as possible) You are mad at me because we have been having an affair, and I keep cumming inside you and getting you pregnant even though you tell me not to. Talk about how just because I have a huge white cock doesn’t mean I can go around knocking girls up. Talk about how everytime you get pregnant your tits just keep getting bigger. Talk about how heavy they are and how full of milk they get. You tell me you don’t want your tits to get any bigger they are already massive in size. Do a titty drop and let your tits fall out. Continue talking about how now you have huge udders because of me. That they keep getting bigger so they can feed my kiddds. You tell me you want to show me something and put your tits on the table letting them spill over the table. Play with your tits talking about how huge they are and how heavy they are. Keeping picking them up and letting em drop onto the table. Grab them by your nipples and tug on them, slapping them on the table. Ask me if I like your huge cow udders. Getting you pregnant so your tits get so huge and filled with milk. Talk about how huge my cock is especially for a white guy and how there must be something special in my cum that makes your tits keep getting so big. Can get up from the table, Keep playing with your tits, using one hand to olay with them and the other rubbing your belly, as you tell me you want me to take out my huge cock and stroke it for you. Talk about how you are having another one of my kiddds and your tits are already starting to get bigger. Push them together for the end of the clip and pump my big load on you fat udders and face (simulate an exterme amount of fake cum. tipped extra) Talk about how I always cum so much, a ridiculous amount that its no wonder you get pregnant all the time.

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