You Had Your Chance – GoddessTKelly

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You Had Your Chance - GoddessTKelly

You Had Your Chance – GoddessTKelly

Hey, boomer. I’m here to remind you that you’re inadequate and pathetic. You’re a lonely old man who will never experience the joy of spending time with people who are related to you. No woman ever wanted you. Or maybe 1-2 women did actually want you, but it never quite worked out in the end, Either way, you never got to procreate. The next generation didn’t happen because your inferior seed never contributed and that makes you inherently useless. You were destined for loneliness. I plan on explaining all of this to you and you get to stare at my big pregnant belly as I do it. How appropriate! A woman bringing life into the world telling you how much of a waste of life you are. I bet you never thought this day would come, yet here you are. Enjoy, but not too much. You have a heart condition to worry about now.

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