Your Sister’s Pregnant Friend – AnnaBubbly

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Your Sister's Pregnant Friend - AnnaBubbly

Your Sister’s Pregnant Friend – AnnaBubbly

I sneak into your room and confess my feelings for you. Do you like me too? You do? You don’t mind that I am pregnant? You like that I am pregnant?! No it isn’t weird, I love being pregnant. It makes me so horny… I have you rub my belly which makes me hornier. I rub my tits and then play with my nipples after removing my shirt. I show off my swollen, pregnant pussy and finger myself. I can’t take it anymore and we fuck, with my face tits and belly visible. After we’re done, I lay beside you for the night. Pregnant women have a high sex drive, so I will want even more. You need to be accessible to me whenever I want it.

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