Exploitative Boss Fucks Pregnant Employe – Kelly Payne

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Exploitative Boss Fucks Pregnant Employe - Kelly Payne

Exploitative Boss Fucks Pregnant Employe – Kelly Payne

Kelly is working in her office cubical when you enter (POV Boss) She is on a call with a client and smiles as you enter, finishes up with the client and you notice she’s not wearing any shoes? When she ends the call she greets you, notices your discontent she assumes it’s due to her lack of shoes, she explains her feet have been swollen and hurting due to her pregnancy and apologies. You ask her to follow you to your office and she follows. You stare her down head to toe as she sits on the sofa in your office, she’s clearly nervous and can’t take the silence any longer and starts to apologize and ask what she’s done wrong. You fire her. She is stunned. She agrees to always keep her shoes on she’s so sorry. you ask why she did that. but she soon realizes your not talking about her lack of shoes you’re talking about her pregnancy and growing belly. She admits she’s been wanting a family but, in these times, becoming a wife is more like becoming a slave. she tries to refuse to speak of her personal life, but you remind her of the law, and she quickly obeys and shares why she wanted to get pregnant. She begs you to allow her to keep her job, knowing what will happen to her if she ends up on the streets. begging and pleading with you . you decide you’ll accept her as your wife. She’ll never have to work again and will be taken care of forever. She is taken back and tries to resist her natural insists and tries to show appreciation and admiration that you’d accept her as your wife. You explain the conditions, she is to fuck you whenever you say, wherever you choose, and always obey your desires. She agrees. You tell her to strip. She does as you ask, as happily as she can muster up. Right before you fuck her you admit you will only fuck her ass and mouth until she is no longer pregnant. Shocked and nervous she embraces you fucking her ass and stretching out her virgin butt hole. She moans and cries out as you enjoy her, you fuck her slowly at first then harder and deeper and then tell her she needs to clean your cock with her mouth. She does as you ask even though you were just fucking her ass, she sucks your cock until you explode all over her face and then make her use the cum that fell and wipe it back onto her face. She’ll make another great submissive wife. 33 weeks pregnant

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