I Fucked My Pregnant Mom – Kelly Payne

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I Fucked My Pregnant Mom - Kelly Payne

I Fucked My Pregnant Mom – Kelly Payne

Your Mom is six months pregnant, and her clothes are starting to fit rather tightly, she’s doing laundry in the living room when you walk in and notice her tits are Huge, nipples exposed, and tits barely fitting inside her top, when she notices your. stare and she turns around, her panties are exposed as well from her now extremely short dress. You mention she’s exposed, and she laughs it off, covers up best she can and starts expressing how big she feels, none of her clothes fit anymore, and apologies and goes back to doing laundry. You can’t help but keep staring as she bends forward folding clothes her ass is exposed, it’s huge and round and yet her waist is so small, admiring her hourglass figure you find yourself getting lost in an attraction for this beautiful pregnant woman in front of you. You step closer ignoring your mom as she asks what your doing, you can’t help yourself you pull up her skirt pull down her panties and shove two fingers inside of her, she’s nearly dripping wet already. She is so taken back by pleasure she barely resists and submits herself to your fingers deep inside her pussy. She nervously reminds you that she’s your mom, but you don’t stop, and she doesn’t stop you. You get on your knees eager to taste her, bringing her to a massive orgasm she covers your face in cum. Embarrassed she tries to clean your face and the mess she just made. As she bends over to clean the mess you pull her in pull down your pants and fuck her. She sucks your hard cock until you fill her mouth full of cum, again mom tries to clean up the mess you both just made, and again you lay her back and fuck her, filling her pussy full of cum. Again mom tries to clean up the mess, but your curious. is she lactating yet. She tries and drips and small sprays squirt from her breasts, again your hard. she covers your cock in as much breastmilk as she can, sucking, stroking, spraying your cock, then she places your hard cock between her huge pregnant tits, bringing you to another orgasm as you cover her tits in cum.

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