Labour and Pushing Simulation – Heidiv

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Labour and Pushing Simulation - Heidiv

Labour and Pushing Simulation – Heidiv

I’m interested in a fake labour video. I’d like you to start with some masturbation, complain that you’re so ready for the pregnancy to be over and you’d heard that this can trigger contractions. Give this bit 2 mins or so. Near the end of this section say you can feel something happening and simulate some contractions. Move to the shower and say things like the hot water is helping the pain. Rub your belly and occasionally brace yourself against the shower wall holding your belly and simulate contractions. Spend 2 mins or so on this bit. For the next 2 mins, get in a bathrobe or long shirt or something as if you’re drying off, and move around rubbing your belly and simulate contractions, moaning and groaning and saying things like it hurts so much. During this time you should let the shirt/robe slip open to show you are naked underneath. The next 2 mins would be you stripping naked and simulating contractions more. Squat down using the back of a chair for support, get on all fours and arch your back complaining that you can’t get comfortable and the baby is getting really close. Move around a lot. The final 2 minutes id like you to get into a semi reclined position – support your back with pillows or something and open your legs. Say you can feel the head and you need to push. Pull your legs back and simulate some pushes. Say things like the head is so big and it hurts so much. Keep on pushing with lots of grunts and groans. At the end, zoom in a little so your pussy isn’t showing and say the heads crowning and here it comes along with some appropriate grunts and groans finally finishing with some panting saying the heads out.

Size: 1.2 GiB Duration: 17 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4

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