Water Birth Labour Simulation – Heidiv

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Water Birth Labour Simulation - Heidiv

Water Birth Labour Simulation – Heidiv

I’d like to order a fake waterbirth video: Start off in established labour and complain you need the hot water of the bath to help your contractions. Start filling the bath (or alternatively start with it filled if the sound from the running water would detract from the video) and during the time the bath is filling/early labour you can grip onto the side of the bath and experience some contractions, pace around the room like you cant get comfortable. Whilst the bath is still filling you should be almost to tears and basically get a dildo to relieve some of the pain. Use the dildo on yourself, ideally include a ‘sqatting’ position with the camera showing your full body riding it – use your arms to hold onto the side of the bath for support. When the bath has filled you get in and experienced a contractions in the bath, plenty of panting and moaning/groaning whilst you clutch your belly. It ends with your legs spread and pushing. Be nice and vocal, include speech like you don’t feel you can do it, the head is so big etc. Ideally I’d like the camera facing you to show your full body rather than anything side on. Ideal ending would be similar to last time – camera panning up to get your vagina out of shot, then roleplay the actual birth where you push out the head and body, relief when you do so should be evident.

Size: 1.4 GiB Duration: 20 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4

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