Mommy For Christmas – Sydney Harwin

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Mommy For Christmas - Sydney Harwin

Mommy For Christmas – Sydney Harwin

Hi! I can’t believe your home from Uni already, I missed you so much… come here and give your mom a hug. What’s that…? Mistletoe? I wonder who put that there, he he. Aren’t you gonna give mommy a kiss under the mistletoe? Mmm, that’s so nice. Listen, I’ll let you unpack your things and I’ll come check on you in a little while… *A short while later* You’ve finished unpacking already? Great! Hey… umm… I got my special boy a Christmas present… do you wanna unwrap it early? I know, I know what happened last time… You ran out on me after we… we… I gave you the best night of your life and you just walked away and left for Uni and I didn’t even get a chance to… It doesn’t matter anyway now, all that matters is that we get another chance at this… us… I have a surprise for you, let mommy take her sweater off and you’ll see… Yes of course the baby is yours! I didn’t want to bother you at Uni with the fact you’ll be a father soon! You didn’t use a condom, what did you think could happen? Just stop now… Stop the worrying and put your mouth around mommy’s warm crotch… Your worried you’ll go to hell for this?… Well at least your mommy will be right beside you…

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