Pregnant Burping After Eating Too Much – Faerylovely

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Pregnant Burping After Eating Too Much - Faerylovely

Pregnant Burping After Eating Too Much – Faerylovely

The scene opens with me waddling into the room, complaining about being bloated and gassy in between burping. I notice that you are home from work and become slightly embarrassed that you came in burping and bloated. I explain that my cravings are out of control while pregnant and I can’t stop eating everything in sight. I confess even though you feel ready to burst, I’m still hungry, but I’m too full of gas to fit anymore food in. I realize that you are already home because we were supposed to go out to eat tonight. I apologize and explain that I just need a little time to make room. I show off how tight your outfit is and talk about how nothing I own fits me anymore so my belly is always exposed in public. I say my outfit is too uncomfortable and strip down to my bra and panties while I burp and show off how big I am.I Show you how big I am getting everywhere and where all the weight is going (like belly, butt, breasts and thighs) while telling you how full of gas I am from eating so much. I show off my belly and size from different angles. A lot of focus on burping uncontrollably and telling you about my pregnant belly being bloated and gassy. I decide to tell you about going out with my friend while I burp and rub my belly. I talk about how my cravings took over and I couldn’t stop ordering food and burping. I Tell you how after dinner I will be huge and belching all night and you better fuck me while you burp all the gas out. End the video waddling out to get ready and burping.

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