Pregnant, Gassy, Peed My Pants – Faerylovely

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Pregnant, Gassy, Peed My Pants - Faerylovely

Pregnant, Gassy, Peed My Pants – Faerylovely

You are a kind of a party girl who never grew out of the nightclub life You have always had financial support from your family so you never got a job or pursued a career You went on such a crazy bender that you lost track of the days, stopped taking your birth control, and now you are pregnant from a one night stand. Your family found out and gave you an ultimatum: grow up and be responsible or get cut off completely. So now you’re single and 9 weeks pregnant. As if that weren’t enough, you seem to be growing really fast. Your belly is huge, you went to the store and some old lady said you looked ready to pop. Your belly is massive and you still have months to go. What isn’t helping the growth is the fact that you’ve never had a good diet. Before, you were able to eat all the junk and fast food and it burnt right off from the partying, but now you’re eating the same stuff but you’re plopped on the couch. And it shows, your arms, thighs, and ass have gotten really fat in the 3 weeks since you found out you were preggers. None of your clothes fit and at this point, you’re a little too embarrassed to go out in public. As if this weren’t enough, your sex drive is crazy. If a breeze touches you, you get wet and immediately need stimulation. Your doctor is a bit worried about all of this so he puts you on bed rest. So you’re sitting on the couch, watching TV, and stuffing your face with food and burping. You’re waiting for another food delivery. Most of them are coming from the same guy (me) who you notice is always sneaking peeks at your belly. You start to think about that and get a little turned on. All of a sudden, the doorbell rings. It’s him, he’s here with your food. You have to get to the door but standing up takes a full minute. You try every way to get up but it’s so hard. You let out deep moans to help get yourself up. Finally, you get up and waddle like a duck to the door. I’m there with your food and I waste no time in looking you over. You finally confront me about it. I cannot lie, I have been making it so I can deliver to you as much as possible. You ask if I have a pregnant fetish and I say yes. You smile. You tell me that you don’t care how sudden it is. You want me to help you through your pregnancy. You ask and I say yes. I tell you I’ll feed you and pleasure you and do everything for you. You bite your lip and hold back a cry. Out of nowhere, you let out a huge fart. Both of us smile and I tell you I will be back after my shift with a few pizzas for you. You say goodbye and waddle back to the couch with your food. You plop down and the doorbell rings again. It’s the dessert you ordered separately. You have to get up all over again, except this time, you shift your bladder so heavily that you pee your pants. But it doesn’t worry you because you’ve got your man coming back later. He’ll take care of you.

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