Pregnant Craving Burps – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

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Pregnant Craving Burps – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

Pregnant Craving Burps – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

The whole video would be me finding that you have indulged in pregnancy cravings all day while I worked and now you can’t stop burping. You would waddle into view, rubbing your belly, burping and complaining you have gas. Just you complaining how full and big you are while rubbing your stomach and burping, being interrupted by burping and finding it hard to move around with your stuffed and pregnant belly. Talking about how you can’t stop eating and gaining weight. Saying things like you just eat too much and how you’re stuffed and bloated thanks to your cravings. Pretend you were very thin and flat chested before getting pregnant and your cravings have made you expand everywhere.

Despite being visibly miserable and bloated as you move around trying to find relief, you enjoy your new figure and what it does to me. Showing me how big you are getting everywhere and where all the weight is going (like your belly, butt, breasts and thighs) while telling me how full of gas you are from eating so much. Showing off your belly and size from different angles (profile, front view, sitting, standing). A lot of focus on you burping uncontrollably and telling me about your pregnant belly being bloated and gassy.

Rubbing and holding your belly a lot while complaining about gas pains. Telling me how you just can’t stop eating and have gained so much weight that everyone thinks you must be overdue when they see your stuffed belly. Showing and telling me how you’ve gotten so big that you can’t bend over anymore and when you sit down you have to keep your legs spread to make room for your huge full belly. Talking about how every time you go out to dinner, you have to waddle out looking ready to pop with your belly sticking out and burping loudly. Say you have no intention of slowing down and plan to stay miserably stuffed even after you pop. Mention how at this rate you’ll be twice as big by the time you reach your due date and demonstrate by holding out your arms as big as your belly will get and puffing out your cheeks like you’re going to burst. As much detail as you see fit and in a more loving kind of spouse attitude knowing that I enjoy it.

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