Pregnant Yoga Instructor – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn Pigs

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Pregnant Yoga Instructor - Shell Ground - Jae Lynn Pigs

Pregnant Yoga Instructor – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn Pigs

You are conducting a private yoga session with all standing poses to maximize belly view. You welcome me back to the class as you haven’t seen me for quite awhile. You enter wearing a large jacket or something that hides the belly. You then start off by taking off the coat and are surprised that I didn’t know that you are very pregnant. You exclaim that some things have changed quite a bit since the last session and show off your big belly. The top you are wearing now is extremely small and you laugh at how the belly completely shows. You measure it and are extremely surprised at how big it is now.

Next, you say that you were in a hurry for this last session before you pop, so you just grabbed along a few tops because you were not sure which ones fit.

You start off the workout with some standing stretches and the tank top keeps riding up the belly and the yoga pants keep sliding down to expose your belly and your popped out belly button. At first you are not aware and rub the belly and particularly the belly button as it is slowly turning you on. You then suddenly realize that the belly is showing and quickly pull the yoga pants over and the top down. As you continue stretching, the same thing happens and you keep subtly rubbing the belly button with one hand as you continue to stretch with the other. Do mainly standing and “warrior 2” poses that show off the bare belly a lot.

You get slightly frustrated but also find it quite funny as you pull the top down and keep trying to attempt the stretches as the top repeatedly keeps riding up the belly. You then apologize and decide to try on another top. (Arrange the tops from revealing to the most revealing, to reveal all the belly at the end.)

You struggle even more with the 2nd top riding up and yoga pants sliding down while stretching. Keep repeating it and getting more and more turned on when you rub your belly and your belly button while posing.You apologize because the belly button is too sensitive and you can’t keep your hands off it. You ask for permission if it’s ok to keep rubbing the belly and belly button while continuing the workout and i agree.

Suddenly you realize that I’m getting a bit of a hard on. You tease me immensely and you discover that the more your belly shows, the harder I get. You tell me that it’s no use hiding it and that you are going to tease everything out of me. You tell me that you know your seeing your popped out belly button makes me so hard as you tease your belly button to me.

You keep trying on more and more ill fitting tops while teasing me and eventually you reveal all of the belly. You then relieve yourself with rubbing your own belly and belly button with some oil while encouraging me with a quick JOI.

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