Your Gassy Pregnant Girlfriend – Faerylovely

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Your Gassy Pregnant Girlfriend - Faerylovely

Your Gassy Pregnant Girlfriend – Faerylovely

Custom video: You just got back from Olive Garden. You shut the restaurant down. You had 14 bowls of pasta and a tall glass of soda with each one. You’re bloated, gassy, and you can barely move. You waddle into the frame, heavily as you try to steady yourself. You talk about how much you ate and how people were staring.As you tell me this, you let out huge loud farts. You are shocked by them and you moan with relief as they happen.You talk about how you were farting at dinner and drawing even more stares. You tell me how much you love being pregnant because of how big you are but you don’t like the gas. You alternate between struggling to sit and stand and waddling as you try to work these farts out before going to bed so you can spare me. Fake preggo belly used.

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