Pregnant Mommy Swallows – Xev Bellringer

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Pregnant Mommy Swallows - Xev Bellringer

Pregnant Mommy Swallows – Xev Bellringer

Oh, honey… you are too good to me. All of these months being cooped up here with me, helping your pregnant mother around the house. And now as I’m trying to give you a day off, to say thank you, my back aches flare up! Please, sweetheart, don’t worry about me, I – Ohhh, God your hands feel so good… Keep rubbing right th-ohh yes…

I feel so guilty… you should be out with your friends, not stuck inside helping me… Lay down? No, no, I couldn’t ask you to… Oh alright. But only if you let me say thank you after, in any way that I see fit. Promise?? Here, let me pull up my dress a bit, should make it easier… mmm… What is that pressing into me… it’s hard. Is that your phone? My goodness where did you learn to move your hands like that… ohhh, yes.

That’s it – lay down, your turn. It’s the least I can do. Relax, baby… you’re so tense. Can I… just sit on top of you, my belly is just so big… There. You’re moaning, I didn’t know I was so good at thi – Oh my… is that your…

No it’s nothing, honey… I don’t want to stop. You deserve this… And more. I just want to make you feel good baby… to show you how much you mean to me. If there is anything you wanted from Mommy… anything at all. Tell me. Don’t be shy. You promised you’d let me say thank you… in my special way. For everything you’ve done for your mother. So let me show you… let me suck it, baby…

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