Your Pregnant Home Wrecker – Xev Bellringer

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Your Pregnant Home Wrecker - Xev Bellringer

Your Pregnant Home Wrecker – Xev Bellringer

It had been so long since you last saw her. And now she was here, taking a shower in your house… a glorious, wet surprise for you after work. The water streamed over her round, pregnant belly and down her thick thighs, soaking the delicate lingerie. She sensually ran your wife’s soapy sponge across her belly, over her erect nipples… and down between her legs, moaning. Then her eyes caught yours. It was obvious she wanted you to find her, to secretly watch her, to desperately want her… again. Those burning, forbidden desires all came rushing back… the ones you gave into nine months ago. It was that fateful night you spread her legs, defiled her, and pumped her full of your cum. She was big with your baby… and she loved it. You wife would never know. Not what happened then… or what would happen now. She begged for it, coaxing your hands down her wet thighs into the wet folds of her slippery pussy. It had been far too long. Her eyes were heavy with lust for you. She needed your cock again, in her mouth, down her throat, gagging and filling her again and again. And you would happily oblige.

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