Real Labor – Grace Squirts

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Real Labor - Grace Squirts

Real Labor – Grace Squirts

Filmed during my actual active labor. All contractions are real. I chose to have a home birth and had already called my midwives who are going to arrive soon. I have several real contractions at various intensities.The contractions turn me on and I fantasize about fucking during each one. I get really horny and I’m hoping to try out my vibrating wand during contractions before they arrive. They arrive after several contractions and before I could masturbate with my vibrator. I’m just too horny, and manage to sneak in some time with my vibrator without getting caught. I have a few contractions while masturbating with it, and end up with an orgasm during one of the contractions. Hours later, I am in the bathroom showing you some of the hospital supplies and I take my first pee for you. I talk to you during the filming of this very intimate video. Please note that crazy yelling, pushing and the actual birth are not included. There is a part 2 which includes my postpartum body transitioning from immediately after birth to 1 week after (currently being edited).

Size: 1.7 GiB Duration: 28 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4

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