Cuckold Love Bomb – Grace Squirts

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Cuckold Love Bomb - Grace Squirts

Cuckold Love Bomb – Grace Squirts

While we were on a weekend break, I stayed with my ex-boyfriend and I accidentally cuckold you. I want to tell you my surprise but you are about to leave for several months on a business trip and ask me to tell you when you get back. After several months I decide to video call you to show you my surprise- I cuckolded you! You are now going to raise it knowing it’s from another man and you get so turned on by it! I love bomb you and keep trying to get you to hurry home so you can fuck me and mark me with your cum. If you hurry home, you can still pretend it is yours! I dirty talk to you in a loving cuckold way as I strip for you and tease you with my pregnant body. Finally, I do your favorite thing and pour oil all over my belly. Hurry home, so you can be the one to rub my oil-soaked belly! Xoxo.

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