Sissy Gets Cucked by Pregnant Wife – Penelope Peach

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Sissy Gets Cucked by Pregnant Wife - Penelope Peach

Sissy Gets Cucked by Pregnant Wife – Penelope Peach

We have been married a long time, We love each other very much but its clear I can’t satisfy you in bed and make a much better sissy cuck then a Man. You love that I let you go out and fuck whoever whenever. After a few “attempts” at getting pregnant you take maters into your own hands and find a bull to knock you up. It only took one try. fast forward 8 months. Lay on your back with your head and breasts in frame with the pov of me on top of you. You say since I was a good Sissy and go all my chores done I get 5 mins to fuck you. Slightly rock so your boobs bounce a little. Act very uninterested. Say things like are you in yet and then laugh as if I said yes, Play on your phone , just be bored, after a few mins say “This is why I had to find a man to get me pregnant” and then tell me to get off. (At this point get in whatever position is most comfortable for you) At this point do what you do best, riff on puttting me down from my dick being to small to my weak nasty tasting sperm. Talk about how you can’t wait to have your bulls baby because he is taking you on a babymoon and how your going to pack the sexiest lingerie and all the sex your going to have. All well i’m at home changing diapers and taking care of a real mans baby. Work in how cute I look in panties and how good of a girl I make. Tease me with your breasts and belly through out the video. Drive home that you love me but a weak little sissy and how happy you are that your have an alpha baby with a build in babysitter so you can go out fucking young studs. Also if you want to eat ice cream or something cause your craving it do it. Please feel free to message me for any details i may have missed. I love how good you are with your mental dominance and want you to be able to play with it how you feel is natural but if you want more of a script let me know. I trust you.

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