Impregnation & Labor Custom Video – MissxFitxAmy

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Impregnation & Labor Custom Video - MissxFitxAmy

Impregnation & Labor Custom Video – MissxFitxAmy

You wake up one morning after a night of partying, wearing nothing but a small crop-top and panties. You also discover that you are heavily pregnant. Since you were not pregnant the day before, you have no idea what is going on. You are in shock, and wonder if it is a dream. You slap your belly a little to see if its real. Then your belly starts moving a lot as baby begins to kick. Realizing that its not a dream and you are actually pregnant, you begin rubbing your belly thinking about what you are going to do with a new baby. Your hormones start to kick in and you go from rubbing your belly to massaging your now massive breasts. You can no longer resist the urge and now begin to masturbate. As you are about to cum you feel a sharp pain in your belly. You have accidentally sent yourself into labor. As the pain becomes more intense you feel the baby is coming and need to get ready to push. It ends with your legs open in the birthing position ready to push.

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