The Anniversary Labor – Princess Kristi

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The Anniversary Labor - Princess Kristi

The Anniversary Labor – Princess Kristi

Hey baby! I was just about to call you and see where you were! I hate it when you work late… I’ve been waiting all day to see you. I went to the doctor today. They said my body was getting ready to go into labor but it could still take all the way up to 2 weeks from now! 2 weeks babe! I can’t wait that long… I am so sick of being pregnant! My doctor told me that we should have sex because your cum will help me go in to labor… so…. let’s do it babe! I’ve been thinking about your cock all day and I am so wet for you. I still remember our anniversary night that you cummed in my pussy and got me pregnant with this baby and I want you to do it again! I need to hurry and have this baby so you can knock me up again babe. I know you want to fuck my pregnant pussy… it’s not like we are going to get too many more chances to do it! Now come here and give me your big hard cock, I need it!

Oh yes babe, hard and deep in my pussy… just like that, fuck me good! Ouch! I have a pain in my belly… No babe, don’t stop, keep fucking me. Make me cum on your cock! OUCH! Oh babe… I think… I think I’m having contractions! Owww it hurts… yes I’m definitely having contractions… I think I’m in labor! Yes, I’m definitely in labor and this baby is coming fast… there isn’t any time to get to the hospital, you are going to have to help me catch it babe! Ohhhh I need to push right now!

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