Therapy For Your Pregnancy Obsession – Clara Crisp

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Therapy For Your Pregnancy Obsession - Clara Crisp

Therapy For Your Pregnancy Obsession – Clara Crisp

Filmed at 38 weeks pregnant. It’s always nice to meet with new patients to see if we’re a good fit. I took a look at the paperwork you filled out, and I have some concerns about your reasons for coming in. You wrote that you’re trying to understand your obsession with pregnant women. Since I’m pregnant, I’m wondering if this is why you chose me as your therapist, and I have to question whether I’m the best choice. I could refer you to someone else. I understand you try to choose a therapist carefully and did your research. If you really don’t want to go elsewhere, we can give this a try. Why don’t you tell me more about why you’re here. You’re looking for an up close understanding of pregnancy? Maybe I can help you then, and talking to me will help you understand your thoughts. Have you seen a big pregnant belly up close before, not just in passing? Let me show you- I’m 38 weeks, very far along and my belly is big. Oh, I’m sorry! I showed you my panties a little bit. It’s hard to manage my clothing being so pregnant. What do you mean, you want to see more? I can’t do that without taking off my dress, and I don’t think that would be appropriate. I suppose this is a unique situation, and the door is locked, so I think I can show you so you can get a better understanding. Maybe indulging your curiosity will help with those persistent thoughts. See how stretched out and firm my belly has gotten? My belly button is starting to flatten out, my breasts have been growing, I’ve had aches and pains. My pussy? That’s getting pretty personal. Well, pregnancy does make it a lot wetter and swollen. It doesn’t really take much to get me excited anymore. Do you think you have a better understanding? Since you’re so curious, I might as well show you. Pregnancy has made my nipples a lot bigger and darker, and they’re so sensitive. I’m not used to being so exposed like this, and I can see it is having an effect on you too. I don’t know if it would really be appropriate for you to touch yourself, but maybe you just need to stroke yourself to a pregnant woman. You can watch me rub my pussy. It’s so wet, swollen and sensitive. You like seeing my pregnant body and how wet my pussy is? I’m going to cum! Keep going, I want you to cum for me too. I hope that makes you at ease. Maybe we should meet next week too.

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