Cheating Pregnant Mommy – Kelly Payne

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Cheating Pregnant Mommy - Kelly Payne

Cheating Pregnant Mommy – Kelly Payne

You came home early to surprise mom, but when you get home, you hear strange noises coming from the bedroom, you notice it doesn’t sound like your dad though and take a peak and see your mom fucking her co-worker! You can’t help but stare and decide to film it. You leave and decide to confront her the next day, she tries to deny it, but when you admit you have it recorded, she asks what you want in exchange for staying quiet. You tell her you want to fuck her. She’s repulsed and leaves the room. A few days later you again come home to surprise your mom and again hear sounds coming from the bedroom. you sneak a peek and again your mom is getting fucked from behind by your neighbor! Your mom is such a whore! You can’t help but stare and start stroking your cock while you watch, she sees you but neither of you stop what your doing, after he finishes you sneak out of the house. Mom texts and calls you pleading with you to come back home, saying she’ll make it worth it…? When you get home moms dressed in skimpy sexy white lingerie and invites you to sit with her. She admits that you can help one another out, she has something you want. and you have something she wants. you agree. And before you know it you realize your mom is like a sex goddess, way more experienced than you and you notice your struggling to satisfy her, as she continues to switch positions and showing you how to stroke yourself and fuck her, pausing to bring herself to massive squirting orgasms.

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