Extended Labor Movie – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

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Extended Labor Movie – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

Extended Labor Movie – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

Jae Lynn is 41 weeks pregnant- massive and still hasn’t had her baby! Struggling to bear the discomfort, her feet are too swollen to walk most the day and she is miserable with how much she keeps eating & burping! Jae Lynn decides to get comfortable on the couch and attempts to ride out some mini contractions. Amping up, getting closer and closer together, she thinks this could be it! Moaning and aching in pain, she moves around to try and get ready to deliver. Telling herself over and over that she doesn’t want this until all of a sudden – the contractions stop! Confused she rubs herself and is feeling good, as if she never had contractions.

Worried because her contractions randomly stopped, Jae Lynn decides to get some oil and pour it over her giant pregnant belly. She rubs herself thoroughly hoping that the extra attention to the baby will induce her pregnancy again. Enjoying herself, she starts to rub oil all over her belly and breasts, thoroughly enjoying the intense sensations running through her body. She gets curious and measures her body all over, checking to see how much everything has grown now that she is close to inducing labour. She then goes back to oiling her belly and playing with her bellybutton. Rubbing and fingering her belly button causes strong waves of pleasure to run through her body as she rubs faster and more vigorously. Not quite satisfied, she grabs her vibrating dildo and starts to play with her clip and penetrate herself until the sensations from rubbing her belly button and her dildo causes her to cum all over it, her cum dripping from inside her and all over the dildo.

Still desperately looking for ways to induce her pregnancy, Jae Lynn learns that she might be able to induce by having someone breastfeed from her. She calls Akira in and grabs her by her collar, gently persuading the reluctant Akira to breast feed her to try to induce herself. Akira is unenthusiastic at first but is reprogrammed into enjoying it as she pulls harder and harder to get every last drop of Jae Lynn’s delicious breast milk.

Finally – it’s here! Jae Lynn is home alone and in labor. She’s confident and ready to give birth. Then it comes: another contraction and a sudden urge to push. This is it. She takes off her panties and lies down on the couch, propped up with some pillows. She opens her legs very very wide. Grabbing her thighs she pulls them back. Letting the viewer see everything: pussy, belly, boobs and her face. Musting up all her strength, she starts to push. Long deep pushes. Imagining the midwife counting off the seconds while she keeps the pressure up. It feels good to push. It’s intense, but also very satisfying. It feels wonderful to let her body guide her. It tells her to open as wide as possible. Jae Lynn moans and grunts and makes pushing noises. She pushes again and again. Between each pushing contraction Jae Lynn rests and catches her breath, but she only gets a few seconds before the urge to push hits her again. She never imagined she would experience such deep pleasure while giving birth…

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