Surrogate Overload – Disco Kitten

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Surrogate Overload – Disco Kitten

Surrogate Overload – Disco Kitten

You show up at Kitten’s place to pick her up for a first date. She invites you in, asking for a couple more minutes to get ready. As you enter, you realize she has a very prominent bump that you were not expecting… Kitten kiiiinda forgot to mention she was pregnant, and hopes it’s not a deal-breaker. She explains she recently started working as a full-time surrogate and is actually carrying twins!

It doesn’t take long for Kitten to realize that her round belly is turning you on, and that you must have a thing for pregnant girls. She teases you a bit as she sensually rubs her bump.

Just as the two of you are about to leave, Kitten gets a call from her boss who is demanding she carry even more pregnancies in order for the company to meet their quota.

It doesn’t take long for Kitten’s belly to start growing; she uses this as an opportunity to tease you even further. Her tight dress and fishnets are busting at the seams. Her belly continues to expand… 4… 5… 6… Kitten’s playful nature quickly turns to nervousness as she can barely keep track of how many are in her belly! Her clothes begin ripping, her dress can’t even cover her enormous belly! How many are there? 12? 13?

When kitten can no longer keep calm, she begs you to rub her belly to help ease her nerves. She rests her tired body on the bed, asking to reschedule for another day.

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