The Poisoned Chocolates – Princess Kristi

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The Poisoned Chocolates – Princess Kristi

The Poisoned Chocolates – Princess Kristi

Kristi is so happy to be home from a long day of shopping. She walks into the kitchen and sets her things down and discovers a mysterious box! As she investigates further she discovers the box is full of very beautiful chocolates. She is surprised and quite cautious as she doesn’t know who left the mysterious chocolate box. She wonders briefly who left them but her sweet tooth is getting the best of her… she doesn’t know if she should risk eating one of these random chocolates from unknown origins that could very well be a poisoned box of chocolates.

Her cravings take her and she can’t resist anymore… she pops a chocolate in her mouth and eagerly eats it. It was so good… the best chocolate she has ever had. It was so good that she decides to eat another one. Just as she is deciding which flavor to try this time… OUCH! She grips herself in pain! Oh no, something is happening to her nether regions… they hurt! They feel like something is… growing!

She reaches down and feels a protrusion from her shorts… ewww what is… that?! Something long… and hard…. and definitely attached to her body. She rips her shorts off and discovers a huge erect penis attached to her where her vagina used to be. Kristi is in absolute shock! The chocolates were poisoned and somehow they made her grow a huge cock! What ever is she going to do with this thing? It’s so big… so hard… and feels so good to be touched.

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