34 Weeks Pregnant Update – AnaVictoriaXO

November 5, 2020 2 By admin

34 Weeks Pregnant Update - AnaVictoriaXO

34 Weeks Pregnant Update – AnaVictoriaXO

34 weeks pregnant update! Being 8 months pregnant is getting hard, you guys! Big weight and measurement changes this week! Wearing sexy, red lace and skin tight lingerie that beautifully shows off the curves of my belly, I update you on my pregnancy! I tell you the usual things like how I am feeling this week, my newest cravings, body changes etc., as well as measure my boobs, butt, and belly for you. Of course I weigh myself too! My outfit is sheer and see thru, so you get a sexy view thru it (and peeks at my bare pussy!) as Im not wearing any panties or bra. I do take it off for measurements so Im fully nude in this video as well. I experience some distracting braxton hick contractions in this video, you can even see it in my belly if you look closely! I give you lots of different angle views, close ups and lots of belly rubbing! I talk about my growth and how big I’ve gotten, discuss fundal measurements and more!

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