Real Pre-Labor Contractions – AnaVictoriaXO

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Real Pre-Labor Contractions - AnaVictoriaXO

Real Pre-Labor Contractions – AnaVictoriaXO

This was a non-exclusive custom request, I ended up having my baby the next morning, these are very real pre-labor contractions! Wearing a cute bikini set, I start filming when my contractions started getting pretty strong. I’m in a lot of pain, pacing back and forth and grabbing at my lower belly and back due to the pain radiating from those areas. Very quickly I cant take the pressure of the tight bikini top so I remove it. I start feeling like I’m going to pass out from the pain. I move around a lot trying to find a comfortable position for relief that never comes. Lots of belly rubbing, rocking back and forth, leaning against the wall, moaning in pain, heavy panting and breathing. I eventually remove my bottoms as well to relieve the pressure on my lower abdomen. My belly gets hard from the contractions, it gets more and more difficult to move around and the pain gets more intense for me as the video progresses. Lots of great views!

Size: 1.9 GiB Duration: 22 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4

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